4-Tune Branch Performance

Focusing only on opportunity from new branches is to consider only a small fraction of the potential available to grow your bank. Often overlooked by many banks, changes in the local conditions around existing branches hold a tremendous amount of opportunity potential, if recognized and acted upon.

4-Tune Branch Performance helps identify new performance opportunities and threats for an existing branch.

4-Tune Branch Performance compares market data changes from one year to another at two levels:

Branch Performance Analysis

  • A Macro View looks at all the brand level changes, including bank mergers, acquisitions and brand name changes, as well as changes in the number and share of branches and deposits in a given branch location (in total and adjusted for outliers).  It documents to what degree your bank’s position is improving or declining on both an absolute and a relative basis in the market.
  • A Micro View examines the local level changes in the vicinity of each of your existing branches, individually. It identifies changes in the names and number of local competitors as well as changes in relative performance. It can also help identify the reason behind the relative changes (i.e., changes in facility type, brand, relative age, etc.).

Using the 4-Tune Branch Performance information, banks can quickly identify which of their branches have local conditions conducive to greater than historic norm gains and which branches may be facing performance challenges. This information then enables a bank to take actions that capitalize on gain opportunities and develop defensive action plans for challenged branches.

Turnaround time? Macro View results are typically delivered within one week. Micro View analysis is a function of the number of existing branches you would like in your report. For twenty (20) or less, results are typically delivered within two weeks.

Cost? For Macro View — $200 for the first two-year comparison and $100 for each additional comparison year per market. For Micro View — $400 for the first two-year comparison and $200 for each additional year comparison year per client bank branch requested.

Prerequisites? A 4-Most Client Agreement

4-Tune Branch Performance is available only to banks that have a 4-Most Client Agreement with Right Site Systems. Please see our 4-Most Client Agreement page for details.

If you’d like to know more about 4-Tune Branch Performance or have one or more markets and branches you’d like to have priced, please contact us.

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