4-Told Strategic Maps

Many banks seek to optimize their branching network by identifying where the Right Areas are for their bank branches in each market. At the same time, banks try to filter out the areas to be avoided. If they already have bank branches in a market, many also what to know if any of them may need to be relocated or even closed.

4-Told Strategics Maps is specifically designed for branch network development and management.

Strategic Mapping Data4-Told Strategic Maps is an interactive strategic planning system that enables banks to prioritize target branch areas and guide their location planning decisions. It consists of 2 interrelated files:

1) An MS Excel spreadsheet table set
2) A related set of Google Maps

No other software or custom models are required.  Together, the tables and mapping data paint a picture of the deposit highs and lows in the market based on actual branch deposit distribution (all locations validated and adjusted for “outliers”). 4-Told Strategic Maps can be purchased for an area as small as a single county, but each bank is free to specify as few or as many counties they want to include.

Turnaround time?  Varies based on the number of branches in the market, but typically delivery is within 1 to 2 weeks.

Cost? Depends on the total number of branches in the market, as reported by the FDIC. As a frame of reference, a market with about 100 branches would cost approximately $3,000 initially, with each update (available as new FDIC data becomes available) costing about $1,500, or half the initial cost.

Prerequisites? A 4-Most Client Agreement

4-Told Strategic Maps are available only to banks that have a 4-Most Client Agreement with Right Site Systems.  Please see our 4-Most Client Agreement page for details.

If you’d like to know more about 4-Told Strategic Maps or have one or more counties you’d like to have priced, please contact us with the details and your questions.

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