4-Site Deposit Estimator

Want to know right now if a potential site location for a bank branch is worth considering without spending a small fortune and wading through pages and pages of text, tables, charts, and maps?

Then 4-Site Deposit Estimator is what you need!

The 4-Site Deposit Estimator five-page report provides a quick, inexpensive way to determine the deposit impact you can expect from all the possible opportunities that come your way – both “what if” changes you might make and “what if” changes your competitors might be making that could affect you. It is delivered to you in e-file format and includes the details of the deposit estimate (each year for the first five years of operation), as well as a listing of all relevant competitors, key characteristics, and a map showing your proposed branch site relative to the competition.

How Quick?  Within 24 hours of placing an order. Bank Deposit Estimate Report

How Inexpensive? Less than $500, if you have a 4-Most Client Agreement.

Don’t have a 4-Most Client Agreement? The price is still less than $1,000 and you get your report in as little as 24 hours. Within 30 days of your report delivery, if you want to become a 4-Most Client we will apply the report’s price difference to your initial 4-Most Client Agreement fee.

Simply provide a brief description of the proposed site’s location and the assumptions you want included.  You can even add more variations for a nominal amount (i.e. free-standing branch versus office building or add or subtract competitors). Once you order is placed and your request is finalized, your report will be sent to you within 24 hours. Contact us to get your 4-Site Deposit Estimate and we’ll help you prepare the order.

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