4-Most Client Agreement

A membership in any group should always entitle the member to valuable rights and benefits not otherwise available to non-members.

The 4-Most Client Agreement gives you knowledge you can’t find elsewhere.

The 4-Most Client Agreement gives members access to two bank branch planning and site analysis products unavailable to non-member organizations:Contact Us

  • 4-Told Strategic Maps — a powerful strategic planning system any bank can use to develop and manage their bank branch network
  • 4-Tune Branch Performance — a comprehensive system for targeted performance improvement of existing branches

Additionally, the 4-Most Client Agreement entitles members to significant savings on two tactical products:

  • 4-Site Deposit Estimator — More than 50% off non-member price for each report requested
  • 4-Cast Feasibility Study — 20% off non-member price for each report requested

For many banks, using the tactical products only 2 or 3 times per year actually covers the cost of the 4-Most Client Agreement.

Why a Client Agreement?  The reason for the 4-Most Client Agreement is to help cover the cost of database cleaning and maintenance for the bank branch planning and site analysis products available to 4-Most Clients; conceptually similar to a country club’s membership dues helping to cover their cleaning and maintenance costs.

What are the Client Agreement terms and cost? The agreement covers a one year period. It renews annually unless you opt to end it. The amount of the 4-Most Client Agreement fee is based on the current FDIC branch count in the geographic area you select to include. Renewal fees are approximately 60% the initial year’s fee. For example, a market with 400 branches would be $5,700 for the initial year and $3,300 for each renewal year.

Special Offer – If you want to hedge your decision the 4-Most Client Agreement until after you have tried us out, consider this:

Order and pay for one 4-Site Deposit Estimator report before becoming a member. If after you receive the report, you decide you want the 4-Most Client Agreement, we will apply the full amount of the client/non-client price difference of that report to your initial year fee. Simply notify us of your decision within 30 days of your receipt of the report.

If you’d like to join or know more about the 4-Most Client Agreement, please contact us and let us know the geographic area you are interested in, then we’ll be able to let you know the price.

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