The 4-Most Location Planning System

Right Site System’s 4-Most Location Planning System provides a comprehensive set of site and business analytics products that allow you to develop and manage your individual branches and branch network:

Strategic Mapping 4-Told Strategic Maps allow you to zero-in on both opportunities and barriers to achieving optimum branch coverage in the market. It identifies the financial peaks from the valleys and differentiates emerging areas from those that are mature or declining.
Bank Deposit Estimator 4-Site Deposit Estimator provides quick, inexpensive deposit impact estimates for any potential bank branch site location changes you want to consider— yours or your competitor’s. It is the ideal way to quickly separate the bank sites worthy of consideration from those that aren’t.
Feasibility Study 4-Cast Feasibility Study provides in-depth market analysis data to update metrics and integrate local market conditions on high potential sites before you make your site investment decision. It defines the likely trade area for the site, updates current competitive conditions, and clearly identifies the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of the branch site.
Branch Performance 4-Tune Branch Performance allows you to monitor and track local level changes to identify which of your branches have change-related opportunities and threats. It can also be used to recognize where branch performance could be improved and what types of changes are likely to lead to the greatest branch performance improvement.
Bank Agreement 4-Most Client Agreement is the umbrella which provides your bank with access to all of the products listed above, as well as discounts for the two products (4-Site Deposit Estimator and 4-Cast Feasibility Study) that are available to banks without a 4-Most Client Agreement.
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