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Market Data Analysis

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Right Site Systems works with banks to develop a Z-Score Model with metrics and markets that will be unique to their bank. The specific variables included in the market analysis are dependent on an individual bank’s business parameters and strategic objectives; therefore, pricing and project turnaround times will vary accordingly. Our process begins with a free “needs assessment” over the phone to understand your bank’s objectives. We can then clarify the scope of the assignment and follow up with a written proposal that defines deliverables, time frame, and costs.

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Right Site Systems has developed a portfolio of business analytic products as part of The 4-Most Location Planning System.  Element of this system include:

Bank Planning

Branch Performance Monitoring

Local Branch Performance Monitoring

Right Site Systems’ Branch Report Card combines information on local competition performance, local facility and site analysis comparisons, business and consumer demographics, and internal performance ranking market data. The specifics of the Branch Report Card are set to individual bank preference standards.  Often banks provide proprietary data as well, so pricing and turnaround times will vary. Our process begins with a free “needs assessment” on the phone to clarify the scope of the assignment. That is followed up with a written proposal that defines the Report Card deliverables, time frame milestones, and costs.

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