About Us

Quality Market Data

Our Mission

Right Site Systems provides decision guidance systems for bank site analysis and bank planning, so our clients can consistently make the best location planning decisions for their branch expansions or relocations.

Our Philosophy

Accomplishing our mission requires the convergence of three key elements:

1. Quality Market Data

Quality market data is appropriately selected, properly filtered, scrubbed, and organized. The shear volume of data available to us is growing exponentially. Today there is an unprecedented amount of data available, which creates an overwhelming mass of information to process. This data is infected with errors, omissions, and ambiguities that render it anywhere from tainted to dangerously misleading. Right Site Systems is committed to ensuring the data it uses is the best available, has been thoroughly vetted for completeness and accuracies, and any “outlier” or questionable data has either been extracted or labeled as questionable.

2. Proven Methodologies

Having quality market data is only useful if you know how to analyze it. Systems and methodologies need to yield predictive results that consistently align with real world scenarios.  The market industry analysis needs to make sense and be understandable to the people using it. Additionally, the business analytics and how they are used need to be clear — no “black box” or “trust me” mystery models. Right Site Systems is committed to providing its clients with completely transparent branch analysis methodologies, as well as a full listing of the values associated with each factor used in our bank planning process.

3. Expert Wisdom

We define wisdom as “knowledge marinated in experience”. Knowledge by itself is a good beginning, but until it gets tested in the real world it is susceptible to the foibles of misunderstanding and misapplication. Bank planning without accurate market industry analysis limits the ability to see and understand the full implications of the big picture. Right Site Systems’ commitment to wisdom comes in the selection of the professionals it chooses to lead its market data research team and produce its bank planning products. Read more about Our Team below.

Our Team

Right Site Systems is headquartered in Dallas, TX and was founded in 2009 by Ken Smith, its current President and CEO. Mr. Smith brings over 25 years of bank location planning and market industry research experience to the Right Site Systems’ team. Immediately prior to starting Right Site Systems, Mr. Smith was Senior Vice President at Comerica Bank ($62 billion in assets, 32nd largest commercial bank in the U.S. with nearly 500 branches). During his 10+ years with Comerica, Mr. Smith headed the bank’s location planning and market data research functions. Prior to Comerica, Mr. Smith worked with several “market modeling” software companies, both designing models and managing projects for banking clients nationally and internationally. Mr. Smith’s former clients include several of the top 50 U.S. banks, as well as numerous regional and community banks.

Mr. Smith has carefully selected top professionals from across the country to serve and support— either as staff members or strategic partners—the Right Site Systems’ clientele. Each team leader has a minimum of 20 years experience in their field and has the knowledge credentials to qualify them for their specialty. Our team members have experience not only in branch site analysis and selection, but also in retail site planning, mapping data, business analytics technology, branch site design and building, real estate negotiations, municipal building codes, and zoning. Many on our team have years of experience with industry-leading companies and now have their own successful business practices. Each team member brings a unique set of talents that contribute to the bank location planning and branch site analysis services at Right Site Systems.

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